Raymond Carignan

Raymond Carignan

About Raymond Carignan

“With my Sportchief equipment, I faced the worst downpours. I have been around the world with my Sportchief and have always been dry and comfortable. Sportchief products are truly foolproof protection systems. They help fight the elements and resist the power of Mother Nature. Sportchief combines sporty clothing and equipment, elegant, and offering optimal protection against bad weather and extreme conditions. "

Review of the career and career of Raymond Carignan

From the age of 15, Raymond Carignan dreams of becoming a professional fisherman! Originally from East Montreal, he travels a lot because of his father's work. From eastern Ontario to Florida via the Eastern Townships, he learned with these trips to fish all popular fish species in North America. He began his career as manager of the fishing department of a store part of a national chain and began to guide people with his boat. Over time, and following his considerable catches during fishing trips with his clients, he decided at 18 to participate in professional tournaments. Since 1980, Raymond Carignan has participated in more than 200 tournaments and has won the league title 90 times.

Today Raymond collaborates with Passion Plein Air and dominates the North-East American professional circuits. He won more than $ 200 on the stock market, which is the biggest record ever reached for a Quebec fisherman concerning monetary gains in tournaments!

Websites: http://www.passionpleinair.tv http://www.outdoorpassion.tv

Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/ray.carignan.7/ https://www.facebook.com/passionpleinair.tv https://www.facebook.com/outdoorpassion.tv

NPS: https://www.nationalprostaff.com/users/8738/ray-carignan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carignan3406/

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« More than 20 years of partnership with Sportchief Canada, that means that we were able to test the products to their maximum and in all imaginable situations.Whether you are hunting or fishing, it will not be the rain or the snow that will prevent you from enjoying your excursions to the full. "


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