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Fabrics with silent properties offering protection against water and wind. When paired with the Aquatex membrane, clothing made from Silent X fabrics allows you to hunt silently while being protected from the elements.


Anti-odor and anti-bacterial treatments incorporated into the different fabrics that make up clothing and boots. Clothing and boots using ScentZro technology do not develop odor, making you less detectable by game.


Durasupple fabric has been designed to combine lightness, durability and comfort. When used with our other technologies, it becomes an essential asset to your hunter's arsenal.


Construction of fabrics and materials stretch in all directions. LXS technology allows you to have fitted clothing that adapts perfectly to your movements

Prima Loft

A synthetic solution to natural down, Primaloft insulation has the same compressibility and warmth characteristics for a similar weight, but it is water repellent; which allows them to keep their thermoregulatory properties even when in the presence of humidity.

Neon System

Ceramic coating affixed to the inside of a lining, Neon System technology allows better temperature regulation to avoid being too hot or too cold.


Developed by the Sportchief R&D team, the Aquatex membrane offers increased protection against rain and wind. It makes the garment or boot waterproof from the outside while maintaining its "breathability", thus allowing the evacuation of body moisture and keeping you dry even when it rains.

Zip Fit

Zipper adjustment system to adjust the jacket closer to the body when its removable inner liner is removed. The Zip Fit system therefore allows the garment a better fit in all conditions.


Mainly used in pants, Sofa technology uses cushions strategically placed inside the garment to increase the level of comfort, allowing you to sit comfortably on cold, wet or even rigid surfaces for long hours.


A technology that makes clothes and accessories warm, the Halo system is made from filaments that give off different levels of heat.